The proposed building site has yet to be approved by the city council.


Would you like some champagne?


We, by ourselves, are able to, without a typical crab.

He was reluctant to reveal what he really meant.

Irving makes mistakes like everyone else.

I got to go to Boston last week.

I'd like to talk to one of your guests.

I hope it won't be long before I can see you again.

Take control of the command post.

Raif then hung up.

Vic has just returned from Boston.

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She came in quietly so she wouldn't wake up the baby.

He is not equal to the task.

Do you know a good restaurant?

I think he is Mr Brown.

I don't like novels without heroes.

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She received a parcel.

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Why are you trying to make me laugh?

The point is that you haven't learned anything from him.

Hey, Louiqa, when did you get here?

If Duke had asked me for some money, I'd have given it to him.

There was no place to buy food.

No one saw me.

Here is a little mudpond.


Our plan went wrong from the beginning.

Girls are more likely than boys to be malnourished, suffer poverty, face violence and be refused an education, according to a new report.

Nothing's keeping me here anymore.


He won't hurt you.

There used to be a large park here.

They ran past her.

Collin came back Monday morning.

A UFO is flying in the sky.

Old people in supermarkets piss me off.

I'm not a politician.

Don't think about it. Do it.

Let's hit the slopes.

I would have wanted to be a famous soccer player.

There haven't been many movies like this recently.


Why is Malloy still doing that?

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Is it OK if I go out with her?

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We can't kill her.


You probably control it.


I called Ofer from the hospital.

The English Channel separates England and France.

If we continue like this, we won't get anywhere.

Take Casper's weapon.

Stop here.

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I have some French books.


I would like to travel around the world.

Russell is an experienced sailor.

Neville opened the refrigerator and took out one of the bottles.


I could not help but state my opinion.

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It's about four blocks from my house.

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Please don't make me go.

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It's going to rain outside, so don't forget to take an umbrella.

All were quiet in the room.

Love if you want to be loved!

The first name on the list is Louiqa.

Claire wasn't happy about what happened.

Clifford is now being questioned by the police.

It could get worse.

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"Do you think he will come?" "I hope not."

They're staying.

He has a bad writing.

As far as I'm concerned, this coffee is too strong.

I'll see if Ernst is in his office.

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I don't know how to play mahjong.

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Put this shawl on.

Mr Johnson's house is next to my house.

When do you shop?

I've never noticed that before.

Has Think ever worked for you?

Smoking one cigarette a day is a good habit.

I wonder why Dad wants to buy that house.

Kathy was mugged on his way home.

It's been years since I've seen Pierre.

Part is present.

Connie wondered what would happen if he pressed the blue button.


Give me that key.

Would you have time to help me with it?

He barely leaves the house.


They could not swim.

You take care now.

Don gave me a chance.

School was canceled because of snow.

Hein is in Boston now, isn't he?

We'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

Devon pushed the elevator call button.


Please be sure to close the windows before you go out.

Compared with yours, my car is small.

Can I have a drink of water?

I can't count the number of times I've been here.

You can't just not do your job.

I don't have any.

It wasn't mine.


Where do you get your hair done?

Sonja has sheep.

The house is across from the church, so you shouldn't miss it.


He hit the ball with his racket.

Change is good.

Slow down. It's not a race track.

Why doesn't she play with me anymore?

I have a subscription to Time.

Come and have tea with me.

Jiri is playing cards with Per.


I'm saving money for my old age.

I can't keep pace with your plan.

How did you know Allen wasn't the thief?


I can't go any faster.

Let's talk about this again tomorrow.

Boil some water.

I've known Glynn since we were kids.

How long did you stay at Harry's place?

Wolf picked a needle up off the floor.

The honor is more than I deserve.

Marsh seemed taken aback.

"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."

I've never seen Nadeem laugh.

He acted strangely.

His ideas never made him any money.

My contractions last about forty-five seconds.


Everything is expensive in London.

There aren't any chairs in this room.

I need somebody to tell me what's going on.

Yesterday, my boyfriend told me he'd heard that beautiful women love to be called intelligent, and intelligent women love to be called beautiful. Then he added, "So you must love it that people call you both." In your opinion, how am I supposed to feel about that?

Take control of the command post.

You mean you're short on fuck-buddies?

Why do people kill themselves?

Is it not dark in the rain?

This story is interesting, funny and even exciting.

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Shut up and pay attention.

I want to see him in my office.

I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.

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Many will die.

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Gabriel was born on a plane.

This is the last time I'm going to remind you.

I don't want your pity.

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and known for its distinctive mischievous grin.

Kyu won't leave his dog with you.


He promised himself he would again be governor.

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Hans doesn't know why Venkata doesn't want him at her party.

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Which of the Koran's suras can you recite?

Anthony sounded as excited as Alvin did.

It must weigh about thirty kilograms.

Bosses are people, too.

Barbara says he wants to study French.

You broke your leg.

Give me a table for two near the window.

The parcel was tied with string.

Your success depends on your efforts.

The refugees barely escaped death.

Jack has no object in life.

Sentence Number 888,888 will bring its owner years of happiness.

Business will recover soon.

What is written on the stone could not have been put there without reason.

Malloy put the bowl of popcorn on the table.

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What the lawyer had told me finally turned out to be false.

Nikolai pretended not to see Valeria.

I'll get this to them.

When do I get to talk to you?

I doubt the truth of his statement.


I generally walk to school.